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Exit: 2021, HQ Equita V


Specializes in the development, marketing and distribution of protein-based sports nutrition and weight management products

Exit: 2018, Equita Holding

MEN Mikro Elektronik

Leading European developer and manufacturer of fail-safe computers and electronic subgroups

Exit: 2017, Equita Holding


Internationally leading manufacturer of premium flexible packaging machinery and facilities

Exit: 2017, Equita Holding


Leading supplier of high-temperature insulation systems for the aviation and turbo machinery industry, the automotive industry and large engine manufacturing

Exit: 2017, Equita Holding

Walsroder Casings

Leading manufacturer of artificial sausage casings made of cellulose fibre and plastics

Exit: 2016, Equita Holding

Stettler Sapphire

Internationally leading manufacturer of artificial sapphire products for the watch industry and technical markets

Exit: 2016, Equita Holding


SCHOCK has invented the granite sink and has since been the worldwide technological and quality leader in this sector

Exit: 2016, Equita Holding

WindStar Medical

Leading full-service provider of non-prescription (OTC) health-care products in Germany

Exit: 2016, Equita Holding

Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik

Internationally leading manufacturer of high pressure compressor systems for air, natural gas and other technical and industrial gases

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