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Exit: 2017, Equita Holding


ISOLITE is a leading supplier of high-temperature insulation systems for the aviation and turbo machinery industry, the automotive industry and large engine manufacturing. ISOLITE products are used to increase the efficiency and resistance to wear of systems exposed to operating temperatures between 400 and 1,400 degrees Celsius – a temperature range that occurs in various high performance combustion engines. ISOLITE serves leading international customers and holds various patents regarding its technology.

The acquisition:

In 2010 Equita GmbH & Co. Holding KGaA has acquired ISOLITE together with the company’s management team. Equita controls 90.0% of the shares.

The implementation of the growth plan:

HQ Equita will support the management team of ISOLITE in the company’s further sustainable development. Focus will be placed on improvements in efficiency and on the development of high-quality insulation solutions for the customers.