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HQ Equita invests in businesses about to enter the next phase of their life cycle,

such as a change in shareholders, a carve-out or a growth funding strategy.

The following situations are typical occasions for investments:

Corporate succession / change in shareholders. HQ Equita provides assistance with changes in shareholder structure and supports corporate succession plans. HQ Equita prepares a tailored investment concept for each individual case, bringing the strategic objectives of the business in line with those of its shareholders and managers. HQ Equita works closely with shareholders and management throughout all phases.

Group carve-out. HQ Equita takes over corporate divisions of companies that want to focus their activities on their core operations. By providing equity and creating independent units, HQ Equita can develop new growth opportunities for carve-outs that would otherwise remain untapped.

Growth funding. HQ Equita invests in businesses that are about to enter their next expansion stage. HQ Equita provides support for both organic growth and additional acquisitions, tailoring each growth strategy to company-specific features and the individual market position. HQ Equita relies on equity and borrowed funding to finance growth.