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Exit: 2018, Equita Holding

Kolbe-Coloco Spezialdruck

Kolbe, headquartered in Versmold (Westphalia), is one of the leading German manufacturers of marketing/advertising products and high-end labels. Kolbe masters sheet-fed and web-fed offset printing technologies and adds additional value to its customers by offering product design/development services. Kolbe’s extensive customer base mainly consists of mid-cap companies (“Mittelstand”) and a number of large multi-national companies from, inter alia, the food/beverage, cosmetics, and textile industries. Kolbe generates the majority of its sales in Germany and the remaining part in neighbouring countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Scandinavia.

The acquisition:

In July 2008 Equita GmbH & Co. Holding KGaA acquired Kolbe together with the company’s management. Equita controls 92.1% of the shares.

The implementation of the growth plan:

HQ Equita intends to support management’s growth plans which include entry into new market segments as well as regional expansion within Germany and neighbouring countries.