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Exit: 2021, HQ Equita V


WELL PLUS TRADE, based in Hamburg, Germany, is an enterprise focused on the development, marketing and distribution of products to boost fitness and dieting. Its objective in marketing the WPT products under its “Power System” and “Slim System”, as well as various private label brands, is to help consumers achieve their individual sport and health-related goals. To do so, WPT has developed specially designed product concepts to ensure optimum results. WPT’S many years of experience in developing functional foods and the use of top-quality ingredients guarantees individually optimized products for enhanced vitality and wellbeing.

The company was founded in 2001.

The acquisition

HQ Equita Beteiligungen V GmbH & Co. KG has acquired WPT group from the four former shareholders in 2017, with reinvestments by the managing partners Karsten Pistor and Markus Dimitri Schmidt as well as the head of development Verena Kahlau.

Implementation of the growth plan

HQ Equita will support the expansion of WPT`s business in collaboration with the management. Important focal points of growth will be the internationalisation of the business, the expansion of the product line and the development of additional distribution channels.