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Exit: 2017, Equita Holding

Walsroder Casings

Walsroder Casings is a globally operating manufacturer of quality leading artificial sausage casings. The company is a packaging specialist supplying the meat processing industry as well as butchers. Walsroder Casings has specialised in the production of cellulose-fibrous casings as well as premium plastic casings. Walsroder Casings distinguishes itself through outstanding capabilities in the areas of service and consulting. Besides the company’s head office in Bomlitz, Walsroder Casings has further sites in Legnica (Poland) and Willowbrook (USA). Plastic sausage casings are being produced in Bomlitz and Legnica. In addition, both foreign sites have activities in printing and converting

The acquisition

Walsroder Casings has been acquired by Equita GmbH & Co. Holding KGaA together with the company’s management in 2011.

The implementation of the growth plan

HQ Equita will support Walsroder Casings’ management in the implementation of the growth strategy having its main focus on Eastern Europe and Northern America.