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Exit: 2018, Equita Holding

MEN Mikro Elektronik

MEN is a leading European developer and manufacturer of fail-safe computers and electronic subgroups. The electronic components are being used globally for safety- and mission critical functions in control and process measuring technology, where reliability is paramount even under harsh environmental conditions such as large temperature variations, dust, vibrations or humidity. Application areas include foremost industry automation as well as vehicle and traffic control, in particular in the areas rail, aviation and commercial and agricultural vehicles, but also power generation, mining and medical technology.

The group employs more than 250 people at its headquarters in Nuremberg, in France and in the USA and delivered in excess of 80.000 subgroups in 2012.

The Acquisition

Equita GmbH & Co. Holding KGaA and Equita GmbH & Co. CoVest KGaA acquired MEN group in 2013 with a co-investment of the MEN management team.

Implementation of the growth plan

Mutual goal of HQ Equita and the MEN management is the continuous development of existing product platforms with a particular focus on mission critical applications as well as the strengthening of the international presence through further expansion of the US-operations.