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Exit: 2007, Equita Fonds 2


Manufacturing and development of premium packaging and application systems for the cosmetics industry with a focus on brushes and applicators for mascara and eye liners.

Exit: 2007, Equita Fonds 1

Gustatus (ehem. Palux)

Specialist for the development and manufacturing of high-quality professional kitchen equipment under the PALUX brand as well as production and distribution of coffee machines (Bremer Kaffeemaschinen) and professional steaming equipment (Eloma).

Exit: 2006, Equita Fonds 2

Klenk Holz

European market and technology leader in wood processing with saw mills in Germany and Alsace.

Exit: 2005, Equita Fonds 1

Neumayer Tekfor

Automotive supplier - development and production of solutions for transmissions, engines, driveline and chassis, special applications and safety fasteners.

Exit: 2003, Equita Fonds 1


Wholesaler for dyes, chemicals and oils as well as specialist producer of cleaning/disinfectant products, reactive resins and formulation of Polyurethan-systems.

Exit: 2002, Equita Fonds 1


Leading global supplier of fragrances and flavourings as well as ingredients for cosmetics. In the course of the divestment of shares by Equita Dragoco was merged with Haarmann & Reimer to form the Symrise AG.

Exit: 2002, Equita Fonds 1


Development and production of punching and forming parts as well as modules and security/impact protection components for the automotive industry.

Exit: 1998, Equita Fonds 1


Leading provider of customised, research-based marketing information and consulting in Europe, USA and Asia.

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