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Acquisition: 2018


Globally active provider of IP-based system solutions for public transport covering communication, security and monitoring applications. The fully integrated portfolio of hard- and software products for passenger and fleet flow management include CCTV, Passenger Information Systems (PIS), Passenger Announcement (PA), passenger counting, infotainment and fleet management with real-time data transfer and analysis for rail and road vehicles.


The acquisition

HQ Equita Beteiligungen V GmbH & Co. KG has acquired r2p from the four former shareholders in 2018, with reinvestments by the managing partners. Simultaneously Access Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, has been acquired to become a subsidiary of r2p.


Implementation of the growth plan

The merger between r2p and Open Access will realise the untapped cross-selling potential arising from the two companies’ complementary product portfolios, applications and geographies. The r2p Group is an active platform for selected add-on Acquisitions.